Chad Rohr takes 8th Place at Sakakawea in NWT event. Congratulations!

Meade Fish Hatchery

Site work preparation started Friday afternoon and they worked throughout the weekend. Concrete is supposed to start around September 21st and be completed for building erection on November 13th. Total phase I completion date is estimated on March 4th at this time. The building will be 80′ x 60′ and 20′ tall.  This building will give us the capability to raise 13,500,000 fry, 640,000 2″ fingerlings, and 30,000 10″ fingerlings. It was also allow us to raise brood stock if needed, or grow out trout in the off season. 

Your 2020 State Champions-Ted Webster-Trent Webster

After starting the year with three straight top 3 finishes Ted and Trent are your 2020 state champions.

2nd Place- Adam Swisher-Jason Surface

3rd Place- Marlon Trible-Jerry Hackney

4th Place- Eric Everhart-Max Van Arsdale

5th Place- Kyle Altvater-Russ Vanover

Glen Elder was a tougher tournament for anglers as we get into summer, but teams still managed to catch some nice fish both days.

Day 1

1st Place- Adam Swisher-Jason Surface

2nd Place- Wayne Hyman-Judy Hyman

3rd Place- Carl Erickson-Ethan Belden

Day 2

1st Place-Bryan Nickelson-Camden Nickelson

2nd Place-Corry Brewer-Randy Wheeler

3rd Place- Marlon Trible-Jerry Hackney

Eldorado is always a good tournament and it was no different this year.

1st Place- Kyle Altvater-Russ Vanover

2nd Place- Carl Erickson-Ethan Belden

3rd Place- Joe Thielen-Jesse Thielen

Wilson lake did not make it easy on the anglers this week. Winds gusted over 40 mph all day. Almost 20 teams still managed to catch limits.

1st Place- Eric Everhart-Max Van Arsdale

2nd Place- Kelly Muir-Rod Skov

3rd Place- Ted Webster-Trent Webster

The next stop for the year was Hillsdale. There were some very big bags brought in and another tournament with lots of limits.

1st Place- Ted Webster-Trent Webster

2nd Place- Eric Everhart-Max Van Arsdale

3rd Place- Corry Brewer-Randy Wheeler

Cedar Bluff was the first tournament using the new AIM format. Nearly every team weighed a limit of 15″ or bigger walleye.

1st Place- Jeff Schulte-Brian Heiland

2nd Place- Chad Rohr-Taylor Trogstad

3rd Place- Ted Webster-Trent Webster