About Us

The Kansas Walleye Association (KWA) was founded in 1986 by Dan Norris and his wife Marlene. The original membership was small ­ a group of friends who enjoyed fishing. However, from the very first season, the Association grew in membership. The KWA has had as many as 225 members and today has approximately 120 members.

Each spring and summer, the KWA hosts a series of six tournaments in lakes across Kansas. The average number of participants is 80 for each tournament. A pre-meeting is held the evening before each tournament to acquaint all teams with the rules and regulations for the tournament and to provide a social atmosphere to visit with friends and acquaintances. The last tournament pre-meeting of the season includes a family picnic.

KWA Members earn points for each tournament fished. The championship team for the season and the top ten teams are recognized at an annual awards banquet held in February or March of the following year.

In addition to the fun of competitive tournament fishing, the KWA offers a chance to meet other walleye anglers from across Kansas as well as competitors from surrounding states. Since its inception, the group has promoted walleye conservation and has introduced next generations of Kansas anglers to the challenges of walleye fishing. As an example, the Association has for 11 years assisted the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks with the raising of walleye fry for release in area lakes and reservoirs.

The members of the KWA are bound together by their common interest in improving their angling skills and competing with other Kansas anglers through a series of six (6) fishing tournaments held in the spring and early summer of each year in Kansas. The tournaments allow for much fellowship and many lasting friendships have been forged through the years from these events. Among the various combinations of teams are father-son teams, husbands-wife teams, and grandparent-grandchild teams.

The Kansas Walleye Association, founded by an avid husband and wife fishing team, has remained true to its original objective ­ to provide a fun, friendly and family atmosphere for competitive fishing.

We want to invite you to become a part of the KWA family in 2024.