Kansas Walleye Association Invites You to Come Fishing in 2020

Welcome to the Kansas Walleye Association. Join us for six scheduled tournaments at some of the finest lakes in Kansas.

The 2020 KWA Season starts in April and concludes in June.

On this web site you will find entry forms for each of the tournaments along with pricing and eligibility requirements. Tournament rules and regulations are also place here. Teams may enter prior to any tournament by sending the tournament entry fee and form to KWA or your may enter at the pre-meeting which is held the evening before the tournament. Crowd at Weigh in Milford day 2

The KWA welcomes anglers of all ages. It is tournament fishing for fun. Many of our teams consist of men and women, parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, cousins, friends and co-workers.

Membership in the KWA is not required to enter any of our tournaments. However, if a team wishes to accumulate points for the season, then both teammates are required to be members. The dues are $35 per person and $20 per each additional family member (spouse or minor child or grandchild).

Because the Kansas Walleye Association supports conservation of Kansas fishing resources, all of the tournaments are catch and release. Therefore, all contestants are encouraged to responsibly tend the fish they catch. Proper care for the fish brought to the weigh-in, helps assure a successful release back into the water.

I have fished the KWA for many years and have learned so much from other anglers and gained many new friends. If your wanting to fish competitively, I would highly recommend the KWA. — Shane Eustice