Hillsdale Lake 2019

El Dorado Tournament April 24th

The 44 mph wind gusts didn’t seem to bother Marlin and Mack Trible on the last weekend in April.   The Trimble fishing duo took 1st place with a limit of four fish totaling 21.88 lbs. Their weigh in just edged out second place finishers Rob Hancock and Dick Bieker. Bieker and Hancock weighed in a four fish total of 21.62 lbs. Corry Brewer and Steve Meyer rounded out the top three with four fish totaling 17.59 lbs. Overall, anglers weighed in 82 fish with a total weight of 347.64 lbs.

Cheney Tournament May 1st

The Cheney Tournament proved to be a much tougher fishing tournament than El Dorado. Weather conditions were much cooler. Temperatures only reached 56* F compared to the 80* anglers felt the week before. That cold front clamped the walleyes mouths shut. Only 23 fish were caught by 17 boats with a total weight of 102.44 lbs. However, Randy Wheeler and Shane Eustice were able to figure out the cold front and lake conditions just enough to pull out a 1st place win. Larry Lapaille and Jeremy Garman finished 2nd and last years state champions Joseph Jennings and Josh Shrober finished in 3rd.

Wilson Tournament Pre Meeting

Wilson Tournament

Louis Huber Memorial Fishing Tournament

Wilson Lake, KS.

June 5th 2016

Prior to this year’s tournament at Wilson Reservoir KWA directors were informed that a long time KWA member, Louis Huber, had passed away.  Since Louis fished a lot of the Wilson Tournaments, the directors decided to name this years tournament at Wilson, the Louis Huber Memorial Fishing Tournament.

As always, Wilson produced a lot of fish.  Initial winners of the tournament were David and Shannon Walker.  The Walkers brought in a huge bag of fish weighing 15.96 lbs.  However, because their boat battery died they were unable to make it back to weigh in on time and were thus disqualified.   Hats off to David and Shannon though, the next closest bag of fish (and eventual winners) was 11.33.  The Walkers definitely had Wilson dialed in.

Chad Rohr and Taylor Trogstad won the tournament with a respectable 11.33 lbs.  Justin Bayes and Scott Schmidt finished second with 10.24 lbs.  Adam Swisher and Terry Ketchum fell just ounces short of second place.  Swisher and Ketchum finished third with 10.17 lbs.  Robin Huber and Mitchell Huber took fourth place with 9.82 lbs.  Wayne and Judy Hyman rounded out the top five with 9.77 lbs

Milford Tournament Pre Meeting

Milford Tournament Day 1

June 11th

Day 1

Milford in years past has been a good walleye lake with plentiful fish.  However, this year fishing was tough.  Day one brought in forty-seven boats with twenty-one boats catching weighable fish.  Jim Perry and Steve Stein faired well even with tough fishing conditions.  Perry and Stein finish first with 3 fish and a weight total of 8.87 pounds.  They also pulled in the large walleye for the day 4.16 lbs.  That fish amount to half their weigh in total.  Shane Eustice and Randy Wheeler came in second with a total weight of 7.05 lbs.  Monte Orth and Lonnie Orth finished third with 6.74 lbs.  Jerry Howard and Stuart Smith landed in fourth with a weight total of 4.86 lbs.  Adam Bonewitz and Dustin Kruse rounded out the top five with two fish and a total weight of 2.56 lbs.

Milford Tournament Day 2

Day 2

            Day two brought fewer boats and less fish.  Temps hovered in the mid 90s but many KWA fishermen stuck it out.  However, the weather didn’t seem to affect Adam Bonewitz and Dustin Kruse.  Bonewitz and Kruse seemed to have Milford dialed in for the weekend finishing fifth on day one and first on day two.  Bonewitz and Kruse’s weighed in three fish at 7.80 lbs.  Wayne and Judy Hyman finished second with 7.43 lbs.  Kim Winchell and Bob Kuckelman caught only one fish to land in third but this fish was a hog.  In fact, Winchell and Kuckelman’s fish was the large walleye for the day and the weekend.  Winchell and Kuckelman’s walleye weighed in at 6.85 lbs.   Jerry Hackney and Jerry Griffith finished fourth with two fish at 4.80 lbs just edging out fifth place finisher Matt Miller and Michael Fehr who weighed in a total of 4.74 lbs.