2019 Results

Congratulations to all teams

1st – Eric Everhart and Max Van Arsdale

2nd – Corry Brewer and Randy Wheeler

3rd – Ted Webster and Trent Webster

4th – Jim Perry and Aaron Wagner

5th – Kyle Altvater and Russ Vanover

2018 Results

Congratulations to all teams
1st – Chad Rohr and Taylor Trogstad

2nd – Kyle Altvater and Russ Vanover

3rd – Corry Brewer and Steve Myers

4th – Lance Kincheloe and Melvin Kincheloe

5th –  Randy Wheeler and Anthony Johnson

2017 Results

1st Bryan Zerger  and Angie Zerger





Top 3 Teams at Glen Elder

1st Winchell and Kuckelman

2nd Miller and Fehr

3rd King and King

Bonewitz and Kruse Win Milford Day 2

Top 3 Teams at Milford Lake Day 2

1st Adam Bonewitz and Dustin Kruse

2nd Wayen and Judy Hyman

3rd Kim Winchell and Bob Kuckelman

Perry and Stein Win Milford Day 1

Kansas Walleye Top Three teams at Milford 2016
Top 3 Teams at Milford Lake Day 1

1st Steve Stein Jim Perry

2nd Shane Eustice Randy Wheeler

3rd Lonnie and Monte Orth

Rohr and Trogstad Win Wilson

Top 3 Teams at Wilson Lake

Rohr and Trogstad

Bayes and Schmidt

Swisher and Ketchum

Shane Eustice and Randy Wheeler Win Cheney

Shane Eustice and Randy Wheeler Win Cheney Lake Walleye Tournament 2016

Top 3 Teams at Cheney Lake

Top 3 Cheney Lake

Left to Right: Randy Wheeler, Shane Eustice, Larry Lapaille, Jeremy Garman, Joseph Jennings, Josh Shober

Marlon and Mack Trible Win El Dorado


 Top 3 Teams at El Dorado LakeTop 3 El Dorado Lake

Left to Right: Marlin Trible, Mack Trible, Rod Hancock, Dick Bieker, Corry Brewer, Steve Meyer

KDWP Commission Walleye initiative Meeting

The KDWPT Commission is meeting again April 21 in Wichita at the Great Plains Nature Center.  Meeting agenda can be found at http://ksoutdoors.com/content/download/47116/481453/version/1/file/April+21-2016.pdf .  The Kansas Walleye Initiative is not a scheduled discussion item, but will likely be a popular comment topic.  Since the KWA was not able to be represented at the last Commission meeting in Topeka during the roll out of the Kansas Walleye Initiative the Wichita meeting location may prove more convenient for your members. 

If attending the Commission meeting is not possible then contacting the Commissioners via phone/email is an option.  I’ve provided contact info for the Commissioners below or it can also be found on Page 3 of the 2016 Kansas Fish Regulations Summary.

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
Commission Meeting and Public Hearing

The “Kansas Walleye Initiative” that the Fisheries Division has been diligently working on for over a year continues to move forward.  Last week, the Division was given the go ahead to proceed with the Initiative and take it public.  The Kansas Walleye Initiative (or KWI) will be presented to the public for the first time at the March 24, 2016 KDWPT Commission meeting in Topeka, KS.   

Having KWA members and other walleye enthusiasts present to participate in discussion relating to the Initiative would be beneficial in assisting the Division to provide the best walleye program possible for 2017 and beyond in Kansas waters.

Commission Meeting Agenda